Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cardiac Critical Care

Evynn came out of surgery last night after 10pm.  Her surgeon was able to improve the function of her valve from severe to mild/moderate.  He expects it to be back to moderate within the month.  He was sucessful at lowering the pressure in her lungs and preformed the planned Glen stage (removing the shunt).  She is recovering in the CCCU and is being watch closely.  Her heart squeeze is not good but they are trying to give it a boost with Epi.  She has a list of drugs including morphine and musle relaxents.  She is still intebated.  When they lifted the relaxents she opened her eyes and was moving around but they don't want her to move too much yet.  A long term plan has not been established yet, the surgeon wants to see what her heart will do after recovery.  We've been told it's going to be a long road...

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