Thursday, 22 September 2011

Evynn and her Mom are back at SickKids

Evynn has recently been re-admitted to Sick Kids. Due to her cold her weight gain has been compromised and the doctors have put her on a NG tube (nasogastric) for feeding.  Evynn is not impressed with this tube at all, in fact she is rather infuriated. While at Sick Kids she will undergo echo's (Echocardiogram) and they will monitor her NG tube intakes.

Evynn is also having X-rays taken to make sure her cold is not an infection. The X-rays will check for fluid in her lungs as well as around her heart. As weight gain is the major concern right now, when she is discharged Evynn will be going home with the NG tube until her weight is at a suitable level for her upcoming surgery.

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