Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Home maybe.....

After 13 long weeks of being away from home,  the Transplant Team feel that we could "try" going home.  Evynn is still on the heart transplant wait list.  She is still on iv and oral medications to manage her heart failure.  She still has again decreased feed tolerance (more vomiting) because of too much edema (fluid) in her belly.  But despite all this the team feels that they can predict her better and that we should try be at home before she declines more.
Sunday, we had to visit Emerge because Evynn was vomiting everything, but after some bloodwork and medication adjustments, she was back to the Ronald McDonald House.  Monday, her picc line was also giving us trouble, resulting in another visit to SickKids for TPA.  She could be home as soon as next week as long as she doesn't pull anymore tricks.

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  1. Stay strong Evynn! Getting back home for Spring weather will be nice!