Thursday, 12 February 2015

Adjusting to life in Hospital

Evynn has not been discharged yet.  After getting her picc, it seems that the original dose of milrinone is not doing the trick any more.  Over the past week, she has struggled to keep her feeds down.  Vomiting some days as much as 800 ml total.  Her stomach is just not digesting and she has been getting puffier (edema).  Her team decided to increase her diuretics and her milrinone.  They won't be talking about discharging her until she is stable on her medications and increases her feeding tolerances.
Her cardiology team has also decided they need to discuss the option of replacing her tricuspid valve again.  They fear the 2 year wait for a heart transplant may be too long of a wait...

In true Evynn style she is fully enjoying all the attention, and loving the play opportunities that Child Life and her nurses provide.

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