Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Here we go again...

Since February Evynn has had excessive edema around her neck, she had a neck ultrasound, echo, heart catheter, diaphragm ultrasound, and blood work to explain... months later her team has decided that her heart failure (edema is the symptom, along with other increasing symptoms) is due to that leaky tricuspid valve.  The team is unclear about what to due.  Options are to surgically replace the valve with a mechanical valve that will need replacing as she grows or to re-list Evynn for a heart transplant.  Both directions are riddled with complications.  Evynn's cardiologists has decided to admitted her tomorrow to the cardiac ward at SickKids to test whether I.V. diuretics will make a difference.  Her cardiologists also wants to gather more information to help inform the decision as to which path to take.

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