Thursday, 15 May 2014

Another Heart Catheterization....

Evynn had to have another Heart Catheterization last Thursday.  Her cardiologist is investigating the strange edema around her next.  It started as Evynn got the flu, 2 months ago but has not improved since.  She has had an ultrasound of her neck looking for clots and an echo to see if her heart function had changed.  Both of those tests did not show any reason for the edema.  The heart cath was to gather more information about what's going on with her heart & lung pressures.  But the results also do not explain this edema.  Evynn does have edema else where, which is often seen with her condition but this is unusual...  We are again at in a "watch and see" game.  No one is comfortable with what they see but  they don't have answers either.

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