Wednesday, 30 May 2012

First Birthday!!!

Thank you to everyone for all the prayer and support over the last year.  It has been a year full of trails.
Evynn enjoyed her first birthday surrounded by friends and family at a Carnival themed party this past Sunday.  Although the humidity caused Evynn to leave her party early, she was still able to enjoy seeing everyone.  Thank you to everyone who donated to SickKids as a birthday gift, we raised over $1000 for the Cardiac Critical Care Unit!
Evynn has another sedated echo on June 6th.  Until then she remains on 'hold' for the heart transplant.  As of right now there is no plan for Evynn's heart.  It is a wait and see game.  She has been stable and doing well on the current medications.  Her g-tube has been causing some issues though, it was pulled out part way only 2 weeks after it was inserted and now will have to be replaced.


  1. Hi Carol!
    I sent you an email a couple of days ago through your blog but not sure if you got it. I just wanted to say CONGRATS and a VERY happy birthday to Evynn! It looks like she had a wonderful time and knowing you, you most likely planned a very awesome party for her. Sorry we couldn't be there, but you and your family were in our hearts! Hope to see you soon. Kisses and hugs to your family!
    Sandy xo

  2. Hi Carol!
    I can't seem to find the tab to send you this email privately... it's disappeared! :O Anyway, I asked Nish a couple times already but I think she's forgotten and may have erased it but could you please send me the link (if you don't mind) to the photos? I would LOVE to see them! Again, would have loved to be there and celebrate with you. I'm dying to see! (Can you obsession much!?) You can send to Hope all is well with you and your family. Love, Sandy xoxoxo